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Kwild ~ Team Leader & Competitive Manager

My name is Ivan but I m better known as Kwild despite being called by many “Kvaluda” for some reason and I m from elite group of OLDS. I had come to Gwent from the Witcher 3and started from CBT. With the appearance of rating a few days later I have already been in top 100, and I kept it almost for all CBT, endind somewhere close to it. After OBT I continued to show good results in ranked mode as i did not enjoy proladder and did not play there. After OBT end I have already met some great players and managed to finihs in top-100 at some seasons. After half of a year playing in HC I left it for one year and when returned I ayed with my comrades which still remained in the game : Chase and ForeverYOLO322. But the game bothered me again. But after MM release KronoZ wrote to me – wake the fuck up Kvaluda, we have rofloteam which we will make great.

Gester ~ Academy Manager

Hi, my name is Dima. Untill to moment of playing The Witcher 3 I have not ever played any CCG so that is why meeting Gwent for the first time was so intriguing for me. I came to the well-known Gwent from the early begining of OBT and I was really interested in the game at that time spending a lot of hours in it. But after HC release my interest disappeared because of the poor statement of rhe game at that time and i abandonned the game untill April 2020. Coming back I had seen that small team of my friends was gathering and I decided to join them and try this game again. So that is how I got involved to Gwent again and to our team.

Black Arrow ~ Content Manager

Greetings, my name is Alevtina, I began my acquaintance with Gwent from The Witcher 3, this ancient dwarfs’ game have really caught me, that is why I waited it’s release as independent project. I m playing from the first days of CBT. For this time Gwent brought me a lot of unforgettable emotions and meetings with amasing people from our friendly community. I think that Gwent is a rel drug as you really want to continue playing although some balance and design decisions were arguable and unsuccessful.

KronoZ ~ Tech Manager

My name is Mikhail. Before I found out about gwent, I had played the shooter Urban Terror for many years and was a member of plenty of teams from all over the world. I played Gwent in the Witcher 3. Since OBT, my favorite decks were reveal and handbuff. Accordingly, NG and ST. But with the release of HC reveal disappeared , in a form in which it had exist earlier, then only ST remained. I think in HC my favorite ability is the precission strike (Eitne), which gives me a pacifying feeling of control over my opponent, especially when combined with a handbuff (carryover). I love to play listening to the track “Formalin” by the Ukrainian group “Flëur” from Odessa. Gwent became not only a game for me, but also introduced me to people who influenced me and my life, helped me to rethink a lot and start moving forward.


My name is Ivan. I live in St-Petersburg. My way in the world of CCG had started with HS release, I spent some great years here every month reaching the highest rank, but after some bad expansion, I had lost my interest and in the same time Gwent`s CBT had started and I have decided to try it and as a result I completely turned my attention to Gwent. By reason of lack of time I do not compete for the top places of pro ranked, but, for more than 4 years in the game I have already taken high places in the pro rank, won prizes in amateur tournaments, including LAN in St. Petersburg, participated in the official qualifiers for the Challenger. I aim to improve my skill, reach high places with low amount of games played and to help younger and more perspective teammates.


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My nickname in childish card game Gwent is Chase. At the moment I m living at Smolensk.Good mood and a pack of cigarettes at the morning are the main things for me in entire life. I met Gwent in Witcher 3 and I was attracted by the fact that in this game skill decides, unlike other CCGs, starting with OBT I show good results both in ladder and in tournaments.


My name is Arthur, I am from Ukraine. In this life I am interested in 2 things : blackjack and whores, and role of blackjack is being acted by CCG. My main discipline is Gwent ; I have moved to it from HS. I quickly got used to this game and shown good results on local tournaments and also managed to get invite to official CDPR quals, but unfortunately, did not take part in them. My goal is to be on the same level with well-known Gwent cybersportsmen.


Hello everyone, my name is Sergey, and my nickname in Gwent is LeGooha. I met Gwent in August 2017 and at first did not play very actively, but since winter I began to regularly spend my time in it. Since spring, I regulary reached ranked 21 and took the top 1000. My greatest success in OBT was the top 100 in the Warrior season. The state of the game after the release of HC was a serious disappointment for me and I retired from a game for a long time, only occasionally playng nearly 50 games in a month r after the release of expansions. But in July 2020, my intuition told me that it was time for the greatest comeback and did not let me down. In the first season, I took 10,475 mm and got to the Open through the qualifiers.


Hi, i have started my e-sports career in 2000-s Then it were Dota lan-tournaments in internet clubs, where prizes were beer and a ticket for a night. Since those times I have changed a lot disciplines and in all of them I was successful. The greatest win of mine, and, probably, the greatest achievment in life is 2nd place in Prophecy tourney, where I have won Cmel in a hard fight. And now the time have come for the Gwent.


I had entered Gwent at very first days of CBT but on HC release became disenchanted and quit. I returned after Netflix TV-serial “The Witcher”. as I wanted to enter this world again, also I was impressed how much better the game has become. I played on fun decks and had zero ambitions but after MM I decided to try myself in competitive gaming which allowed me to get to the official qualifications. In game I prefer control archetypes and also try to find for myself enjoyable but not always the most effective decks. Do not like to high-roll but often abuse it, and generally, I am playing on dirty decks, no wonder because my favourite faction is Nilfgaard.


My name is Yura. I m simple gut from province. At school I was interested in chess, and even was 3rd on city tournament. But with time I became disenchanted in chess in reason of eternal bad luck and poor random. Great that now I m playing Gwent – the card game where skill matters not luck


My name is Arseniy аkа Ignifriend. I came to Gwent from The Witcher 3, and I have no experience in other CCG. I enjoy wins and do not like loses. So, I sometimes rage and flame but I always come back to this game, which i really love.


Information is unavailable because they more often have not receive GG from him than information.


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PORECHKA VKTwitchTwitter

Streamer, commentator and sometimes Gwent player. One of witnesses of “better Gwent” and 20 points Caretaker. Of those who still remember golden fucking infantry, Skellige bears and Nova SC. Of those who resurrected half of graveyard with Baron, Lubberkin and King of Beggars and at the same time sucked because of Igni on a row full of 6 points cards. Of those who many could call “Weather Gay” or other bad words. That was then. But now, despite that almost 4 years have passed since taking the TOP-1 on Geels, and of the viewers on Twitch only Yamateh remained, in the soul of Berry Baron there is still hope for the best, and in the echoes of his soul he still hears the phrase: “THIS IS HE HEROOOOO!”

Necrotal VKTwitchTwitter

Greetings, my name is Alexey, I m Gwent streamer and contentmaker, but you more likely know me as Necrotal, which appeared after acquaintance with CCG MTG in the 00s begining. From this game my long and thorny way in CCG started. After majority of clubs in my city had closed I left MTG and started playing HS, but I quickly turned it off in a reason of random, especially after Goblins and Dwarfs expansion. And I decided to move to Gwent because random was not so important in this game. After 2nd Challenger, where FreddyBabes won I started playing Gwent regularly and after Midwintwer I wanted to stream and make guides. Now my main goal is to make this game more popular.

Disbalance VKTwitchTwitter

My name is Artem I was born and live in Region Moscow. Gwent is my first CCG, which have not caught me in The Witcher 3, but I enjoyed it as a separate game. I aim to manage to take part in official quals and take revenge on Pajabol, whom I could win 2-0 if I could learn to place cards in the right row. I believe that GG team has brought together the coolest people.

Kyjpew VKTwitchTwitter

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Cilach VKTwitchTwitter

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proNEO3001 VKTwitchTwitter

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Klays213 VKTwitchTwitter

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Handreader VKTwitchTwitter

Hello, my name is Sasha, my nickname in Gwent is Handreader. From an early age, I have always liked strategy and tactical games. It all started with card games, MTG in its IRL version was very exciting and I was waiting for a way to put it into my pocket. The first who gave such an opportunity were Blizzard with their Hearthstone. However, with the development of CCG as a new genre of games, HS began to struggle on one of the most important (in my opinion) aspects – Balance. At this time, Gwent appeared. CCG across the Witcher universe with new, unique mechanics from the Reds! Of course it was interesting. In order to get access to the closed beta, I had to introduce myself as a journalist from one site and voila, the key is in the mail. In Gwent, I stuck very well and play it to this day. I am also glad that today I have the opportunity to make content on this game and be part of a strong GG team.

Gnomberserk ~ Founder

Hello, my name is Andrew, I am from Moscow. Since my childhood I played board CCG and really enjoyed fantasy genre, then I played Witcher and came to Gwent even before CBT as I participated in board Gwent tourney from Witcher 3 in the summer of 2016. I played all CBT and OBT and in the begining of HC went to the army and disappeared for an year. Then I downloaded this game in April of 2020 and played with some of my friends. That is how GG has happened. I am huge fan of SC and my the most loved archetypes are movement SC and Scorch SC from OBT.